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NVARC Nashoba Valley ARC N1NC

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Prior Scores
Year Site CallSign Score Categ QSOs xPower GOTA_NT Folk
2017 PepperellOrch N1NC 5338 2A 1377 2 35
2016 PepperellOrch N1NC 5188 3A 1354 2 40
2015 GCFS N1NC 5064 3A 1410 2 30
2014 PepperellOrch N1NC 1702 1A 500 2 12
2013 PepperellOrch N1NC 4700 1A 1237 2 35
2012 PepperellOrch N1NC 5242 3A 1307 2 K1BG 65
2011 PepperellOrch N1NC 6022 2A 1530 2 K1BG 55
2010 PepperellOrch N1NC 5802 3A 1311 2 57
2009 LostLk N1NC 4842 2F 1115 2 N8VIM 25
2008 PepperellOrch N1NC 5280 2A 1461 2 K1NNJ 23
2007 PepperellOrch N1NC 4370 2A 895 2 K1NNJ 31
2006 PepperellOrch N1NC 5202 2A 1375 2 AB1GA 24
2005 PepperellOrch N1NC 4744 3A 1112 2 KA1LEQ 21
2004 PepperellOrch N1NC 7458 2A 1950 2 AB1CV 19
2003 PepperellOrch N1NC 4396 2A 1424 2 KB1HDO 21
2002 PepperellOrch N1NC 4160 2ABatt 429 5 26
2001 N1NC 3990 1ABatt 349 5 6
1999 Groton 0

Notes and Links

NVARC Contact FD 2012 Chair Roland Guilmet|NR1G,|nr1g(at)arrl(dot)net|978-302-7479
NVARC Contact FD2004 John Griswold|KK1X|2004 kb1hdo|kk1x (at)
NVARC Contact FD2006 Larry Swezey | KB1ESR | lwswezey (at) charter (dot) net | & Peter | N1ZRG
NVARC Contact FD2011 Chair Roland Guilmet|NR1G,|nr1g(at)arrl(dot)net|978-302-7479
NVARC Page BPFproject
NVARC Page FD2005 PIC Pix
NVARC Page FD2012
NVARC Page Home
NVARC Page Newsletter
PepperellOrch Page Site details KML
PepperellOrch Map Site details
PepperellOrch Note 2008 and prior 2008 location is no longer orchard - that part was turned into a large field, to create a habitat for nesting Bob-o-Links
NVARC Note FD2004 same location, the same category, maybe a GOTA station
NVARC Note FD2006-Conf Larry and Peter announced Field Day will be at the Heald Street Orchard in Pepperell. We will be running 2A and the operation will include the digital mode shared with the SSB station.
NVARC Note FD2006-Plan Logging with N1MM software on club-owned computers
NVARC Note FD2007-demo BPF project: With Field Day rapidly approaching we have been scrambling to get our band pass filter project documented and up on the NVARC Website for others to use. Take a look at
NVARC Note FD2011-Plan Operation will be 2-Alpha, w/GOTA and VHF/UHF/Satellite Station as well
NVARC Note FD2012-Plan This year's plan is to operate 3A (SCW, SSB, & DIGITAL) w/ GOTA (K1BG) and VHF/UHF/Satellite capability.

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