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PARC Philips Amateur Radio Club (PARC) W1HP

ARRL Affiliation

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Prior Scores
Year Site CallSign Score Categ QSOs xPower GOTA_NT Folk
2017 PARC W1HP 3948 1A 931 2 7
2016 PARC W1HP 4458 2A 1141 2 6
2015 PARC W1HP 5368 2A 1319 2 12
2014 PARC W1HP 5462 2A 1379 2 KD1NA 18
2013 PARC W1HP 5916 2A 1544 2 15
2012 PARC W1HP 6988 2A 1631 2 KD1NA 20
2011 PARC W1HP 7956 2A 2162 2 KD1NA 15
2010 PARC W1HP 5618 2A 1379 2 KD1NA 20
2009 PARC W1HP 5426 2A 1320 2 KD1NA 15
2008 PARC W1HP 6098 2A 1489 2 K1KKM 16
2007 PARC W1HP 5196 2A 1408 2 19
2006 PARC W1HP 4090 2A 1359 2 14
2005 Arizona W1HP 2380 1B1B 183 5 1
2004 ARIZONA W1HP 2705 1B1B 226 5 1
2003 PARC W1HP 6020 2A 1593 2 9
2002 PARC W1HP 6678 2A 1825 2 10
2001 PARC W1HP 5956 2A 1627 2 16
2000 PARC W1HP 5392 2A 11
1999 PARC W1HP 4718 2A 1128 2 12
1998 PARC W1HP 4414 2A 1143 2 12
1997 PARC W1HP 5176 2A 1372 2 19
1996 PARC 4722
1995 PARC 4812
1994 PARC 4356
1993 unrecorded 1912

Notes and Links

PARC Contact Pres Allan Muise|K1NZQ|allan(dash)muise(at)comcast(dot)net
PARC Page FD-Score-Charts
PARC Page FD1999 Field Day 1999.htm
PARC Page FD2000 Field Day 2000.htm
PARC Page FD2001 Field Day 2001.htm
PARC Page FD2003 FD pix by Phil K9HI/SM
PARC Page FD2010-Pix-K9HI
PARC Page Home
PARC Note FD1994-2003 Bldg 1 side or SW corner of parking lot (HP Medical as it was then)
PARC Note FD2004+05 W1PW participated as W1HP/1B in Arizona
PARC Note FD2004-pre W1HP is not doing FD for 2004, expect to be back for FD 2005!
PARC Note FD2005 The PARC Club (W1HP) and the Pentucket Club (K1KKM) will do field day at a location next to the K1KKM repeater site in Haverhill.
PARC Note FD2006-present Bldg 2 side or East/NE corner of parking lot
PARC Note FD2010 50th year club
PARC Note History-Precis Founded in Waltham as SERAC Sanborn Employees Radio Amateur Club 1960. Former calls K1SXP W1HJS. Laterly HP Medical and HP/Agilent as HPARC. (See club page for more)
PARC Note Meetingplace 3000 Minuteman Road/Drive Andover, Minuteman Drive/Road dead-ends at guard shack at main gate. FD is just inside. Phillips Medial Campus at 3000 Minuteman Road Andover, MA. Just inside Main Gate. This is about a quarter mile west of Rt. 93 off of the River Road exit. North of River Road, ~1m west of I93, ex45 Assuming you are coming off the River road exit of 93 Nort h, turn right off the exit and proceed over Rt. 93 and through two traffic lights. The next right, is Minuteman Road, turn in there. Minuteman road dead-ends at our guard shack, and we will be setup just inside the gate. [They were further in under trees in center of parking lot FD99]
PARC Note Name PARC is the successor to the the HPARC and HP/Agilent ARC

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