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W1AF Harvard Wireless W1AF

ARRL Affiliation

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Prior Scores
Year Site CallSign Score Categ QSOs xPower GOTA_NT Folk
2017 BCFM 0 3A
2016 BCFM W1BOS 3114 3A 675 2 20
2015 ArsenalHBR W1AF 408 2A 29 2 3
2013 car? W1AF/M 388 2C 66 2 2
2011 OakRdg W1AF 0
2010 ChHChH W1MX 5156 2A 1332 2 W1AF 16
2009 W1OBQ W1AF 7080 2A 1794 2 7
2007 LovellIs W1MX 6600 2A 1799 2 W1AF 25
2006 K1TTT 0
1999 W1AF W1AF 100 1D 67 1 1

Notes and Links

W1AF Page ARRL Affiliation
BCFM Page Bare Cove Fire Museum
W1AF Page Current
W1AF Page FB
BCFM Page MBTA,%20Hingham,%20MA,%20USA#address-search-input
BCFM Page MBTA-Comment the MBTA Commuter Rail has resumed weekend service on the Greenbush line
W1AF Page OldHome
W1AF Page PreferredURL
BCFM Map OpenStreetMap OSM
W1AF Note FD2006 Harvard club members operating from WMA at K1TTT
W1AF Note FD2014 contingent with MIT

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