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Club Details

W1MJ Watatic's #1 Mountain Jesters W1MJ

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Prior Scores
Year Site CallSign Score Categ QSOs xPower GOTA_NT Folk
2017 nowhere K1CE 2630 1E 601 2 2
2016 Galehead W1MJ 1625 1B2B 128 5 2
2014 EliotTwr W1MJ 910 1B1B 66 5 1
2005 Watic W1MJ 3735 1AB 313 5 3
2004 RusselPond 0
1997 nowhere K1CE 3350 1A 343 5 3
1989 PeddIs W1MJ 0 1A/1AB 5
1988 PeddIs W1MJ 0 1A/1AB 5
1986 PeddIs W1MJ 0 1A/1AB 5
1984 PeddIs W1MJ 0 1A/1AB 5
1983 Galehead 0
1982 PeddIs W1MJ 0 1A/1AB 5
1981 PeddIs W1MJ 0 1A/1AB 5
1980 PeddIs W1MJ 0 1A/1AB 5
1979 PeddIs W1MJ 0 1A/1AB 5
1978 PeddIs W1MJ 0 1A/1AB 5

Notes and Links

W1MJ Contact FD Eliot Mayer|W1MJ|w1mj(at)arrl(dot)net
W1MJ Page FD2004 Pix [NH prior site]
W1MJ Page FD2005 Pics Fran
W1MJ Page FD2005 Pix Wil
W1MJ Page FD2016
W1MJ Page Shutesbury poster
W1MJ Note Antiquity variously known as "Mello Jello Field Day Party" and "Shutesbury Shortwave Shaman"
W1MJ Note FD2005 1A (QRP Battery) on Summit of Mt.Watatic, hike up. Not a club per se, just a group, tentatively called, "Watatic's #1 Mountain Jesters". However, we would welcome a few more operators. Being QRP, CW is the most productive mode, but we''ll have a mike for SSB operation too.
W1MJ Note FD2016 This year repeating a FD from near AMC Galehead Hut in NH White Mtns with K1CE. Did it abt 30 yrs ago [1983], said never again cuz of the heavy packs. Now everything is so much lighter that, despite being 60 instead of 30, it should be easier. Not sure of FD call yet.

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