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June 23-24, 2018

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EMA Field Day Sites

This website attempts to catalog planned Field Day sites. Sites are listed as LIKELY if they were used last year or is officially in planning flux, and CONFIRMED if the club has given definite plans for Field Day this year at that site.

Interactive Map mdash; click on circled tower icons to get details, directions.

O Green (go) Confirmed and highlight - New/changed location, or new team, or back from hiatus, or other special feature.
O Yellow Confirmed.
O Red Not yet confirmed, but with highlight (likely No Staff Visit last year).
No color - Not yet confirmed, no highlight.

FD combined Map.

Upper-Right (+] control selects basemaps; CycleMap has Topo contours. Data from OpenStreetMap (CC-BY-SA) and Office of Geographic and Environmental Information (MassGIS), Commonwealth of Massachusetts Executive Office of Environmental Affairs.

Scroll wheel zooms, click-drag to pan. Click on kite marker to id club,site and show links.

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See also the the new, national "Site Locator"

Number of Confirmed! Sites=18 (To Confirm your site)

By County - Number of Field Day sites expected in each county. Click on county to list them -- or click on icon in map at right.

! denotes "Confirmed", ? "Likely", X "No" or "Unlikely. * Denotes ARRL Affiliates.

*All Affiliated*   Show Highlighted Clubs.   !All Confirmed!   All Likely but NOT Confirmed
     County Count   All, alphabetical   Show Non-FD Clubs. · or Diagnostic Clubs Table


Click a club in menu or summary map to go to their details, which include links to Topo and street maps.

Legacy Map

When JavaScript is off, the map shown is manually generated so may not be upto date.

Hover over an icon to see what it is.

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Bill Ricker N1VUX

Pages in FD web: EMA FD Home! § Directory! § Site List § Tour Plans
§ FD and ICS/NIMS ! § FD Planning,Rules, Scoring, & ARES § Safety: Safety Officer, Lightning, Heat, Resources!
EMA FD History 1999-2017 § About (Notes, Credits)

Nantucket Amateur Radio Association @ Brant Point Lighthouse USCG North Lawn. Likely? North Shore RA @ Endicott Park Danvers. Confirmed! VE 12N Sat. MIT Radio Society @ Stratton Student Center, MIT. Confirmed! MAYNARD RACES @ MAYNARD Town EOC at Police Station. Likely? Class F short ? Pentucket RA @ Philips Medical. Confirmed! (Shared site) Norwood ARC @ Mansfield Airport BLDG A. Confirmed! 2F/3F. Access? South Shore Simplexers @ USAF Fourth Cliff. Confirmed! Police Amateur Radio Team of Westford @ The Concord Rod & Gun Club. Confirmed! Framingham Amateur Radio Assn @ Upton State Forest. Confirmed! 11-6 Sat only Genesis ARS @ Plymouth Municipal Airport, Gate 2. Confirmed! VE 9am Sat Waltham ARA @ Prospect Hill Park Waltham. Confirmed! return to home Sturdy Memorial Hospital ARC @ No.Attleboro WWI Mem.Pk off US 1. Confirmed! Whitman ARC @ Old Colony YMCA East Bridgewater. Confirmed! Southeastern Mass ARA @ New Bedford Rod & Gun Club. Likely? new. missed 2013 Cape Ann ARA @ Fuller School Field. Confirmed! VEexam Sun10 Clay Center Amateur Radio Club @ Clay Center Observatory at Dexter-Southfield School. Confirmed! Nashoba Valley ARC @ Heald Street Orchard; Pepperell Conservation land. Confirmed! Falmouth FARA Inc @ Barnstable County Fair Grounds. Confirmed! Boston ARC @ Bare Cove Fire Museum. Confirmed! Wellesley ARS @ Needham War Memorial Park Gazebo. Confirmed! Mystic Valley Amateur Group @ Milton Town Green. Confirmed! Barnstable ARC+Ptown @ Camp Greenough (BSA) in Yarmouthport. Confirmed! Sunday Breakfast Mansfield Emergency Mgt / RACES @ Mansfield Emergency Mgt. Confirmed! 1F Public n1op Town of Ipswich Emergency Management @ Ipswich Emergency Management. Likely? Billerica Emergency Management / RACES @ Billerica EOC. Confirmed! Class F. Access? Algonquin ARC @ Marlboro EOC/CFS. Confirmed! Class F Watatic's #1 Mountain Jesters @ Great Blue Hill Eliot Tower. Confirmed! New Billerica ARS+PARC @ NK1A. Confirmed! New site + Return Middleton EMA RACES @ Richardsons Dairy Ice Cream. Confirmed! new. ice cream

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