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Eastern Mass ARRL

Field Day Sites, 2011

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[ @k9hi 21 Jun RT #hamr  ]
Visiting Beacon Hill (MA State Capitol) this morning to pick up Amateur Radio Week Proclaimation from Governor's Office! 

[ @k9hi 23 Jun RT #hamr  ]
Learning of new, previously unknown field day sites in Eastern MA to add to my list to visit. Hope the weather cooperates!  

[ @k9hi 24 Jun RT #hamr  ]
Received word yesterday via Sen. Tarr's office that the MA State Senate passed resolution praising Amateur Radio. Huzzah!  

[@Campmor CAMPMOR 24 JunRT by @k9hi ]
#Camping Tip #90. No fuel-fired stoves, lanterns, heaters or other appliances should be used inside a tent or trailer. The fumes can kill. 24 Jun 

[@arrl ARRL 24 Jun RT by @k9hi ]
@N2WWW Our @ARRL_PR person is recommending you tweet something like "Meet me at Field Day, [your location] #ARRL #hamradio"  

[@k9hi 25 Jun #hamr #fieldday ]
Visited my 1st Field Day site today: the friendly folks at the Cape Ann ARA in Gloucester. They get an A+ for signage! 

Leaving Beverly EMA/ MA Taskforce FD site at Beverly MA airport en route to North Shore RA. 

Leaving North Shore RA FD site in Danvers MA, NS1RA, 3A always a hotbed of activity & well organized! #fieldday #hamr

Meet me at the various #fieldsay sites listed at, and see Gov. Patrick's official Proclamation of Amateur Radio Week. #hamr 

RT @WX1BOX: SKYWARN Activation with Ops at NWS Taunton will start at 4 PM ET. See . #fieldday
Leaving the MITRE-Bedford/Billerica ARS FD site (W1HH). Great set up tucked away inside multi-level parking garage! 

Leaving PART FD site at Concord (MA) Rod & Gun Club: satellite demos, fox hunt, tech talks, numerous media visits... Wow! 

Leaving Harvard-MIT FD site at Oak Ridge Observatory in Harvard MA, W1AF 2A some amazing sloping antennas for HF! 

Taking a dinner break, then it's on to the Algonquin ARC FD op in Marlborough MA 

Departing N1EM, Algonquin ARC at Marlborough (MA) EOC, 4A. They've had a busy day: Also ran EmComm drill at local airport. 

Leaving Waltham ARA/Clay Center ARC FD site in Brookline MA. CC students designed the multi-element 40m inverted V! 

[@k9hi 26 Jun #hamr #fieldday ]
Left Mystic Valley ARG FD site N1MV in Milton MA, headed to South Coast. MVARG hosted scout troop yesterday!

[@innismir Ben Jackson 26 Jun #hamr #fieldday ]
Hey, cool, @k9hi is stoping by. It's almost like what we know what we are doing. #hamr #fieldday

[@k9hi 26 Jun #hamr #fieldday ]
Not enough time. Rounded out my FD tour w/ visits to SEMARA in Dartmouth & combined Pilgrim AWA, RJLM ARC, TACG in Swansea 

[@k9hi 28 Jun #hamr #fieldday]
Swansea (MA) joint field day operation garners PR from two Providence RI TV stations 

City of Marlborough (MA) declares Amateur Radio Week 

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Pages in FD web: EMA FD Home! § Directory! § Site List § Tour Plans
§ FD and ICS/NIMS ! § FD Planning,Rules, Scoring, & ARES § Safety: Safety Officer, Lightning, Heat, Resources!
EMA FD History 1999-2013 § About (Notes, Credits)

Barnstable ARC+Ptown @ Camp Greenough (BSA) in Yarmouthport. Confirmed! Pilgrim Amateur Wireless Assn. @ Bark St School Swansea. Confirmed! New Site Southeastern Mass ARA @ Clubhouse. Confirmed! 2day Cl.A Mystic Valley Amateur Group @ Milton Town Green. Confirmed! Whitman ARC @ Massasoit - E.Bridgewater YMCA Field 635 Plymouth St. Confirmed! Beverly EM + USAR Comms @ Beverly Airport. Confirmed! New 3F Linden Ponds Amateur Radio Club @ Linden Ponds Community. Confirmed! New club Police Amateur Radio Team of Westford @ The Concord Rod & Gun Club. Confirmed! New pub site North Shore RA @ Endicott Park Danvers. Confirmed! best breakfast Norwood ARC @ The Big Apple Farm. Confirmed! Acushnet RACES/ARES @ Acushnet Emergency Management Agency. Likely? Cl.F; scratch 2010 South Shore Simplexers @ USAF Fourth Cliff. Confirmed! Philips Amateur Radio Club (PARC)+PRA @ Philips Medical. Confirmed! Harvard Wireless @ Oak Ridge Observatory. Confirmed! Invite Only Boston ARC @ Bare Cove Fire Museum. Confirmed! 2day 4A Bristol County Repeater Association (+ FR ARC) @ Freetown State Forest. Confirmed! Nashoba Valley ARC @ Heald Street Orchard; Pepperell Conservation land. Confirmed! Southboro Rod and Gun ARC @ Southborough Rod & Gun ARC. Likely? Falmouth FARA Inc @ Barnstable County Fair Grounds. Confirmed! Cape Ann ARA @ Fuller School Field. Confirmed! New Site; VE Algonquin ARC @ Marlboro EOC/CFS. Confirmed! Class F Billerica ARS+PARC @ MITRE Parking Garage. Confirmed! reunited Sturdy Memorial Hospital ARC @ No.Attleboro WWI Mem.Pk off US 1. Confirmed! Wellesley ARS @ Needham War Memorial Park Gazebo. Confirmed! Clay Center Amateur Radio Club+WARA64 @ Clay Center Observatory at Dexter-Southfield School. Confirmed! Nantucket Amateur Radio Association @ Unknown/TBD. Likely? Old site lost Genesis ARS @ Plymouth Municipal Airport, Gate 2. Confirmed!