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2017 ARRL FD June 24-25, 2017

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Eastern Mass ARRL

Field Day Tourists, 2016

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List of Touring Leadership and Staff

Our touring officials -- distinguished by badge colors and shades thereof.

ARRL Leadership

Only entries marked "2016" or boxed are specific current forecasts.
Prior year actual results can be found in History section.

Elected Leadership

EMA Staff

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EMA ARES Leadership & Staff

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By County - Number of Field Day sites expected in each county. Click on county to list them -- or click on icon in map at right.

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Pages in FD web: EMA FD Home! § Directory! § Site List § Tour Plans
§ FD and ICS/NIMS ! § FD Planning,Rules, Scoring, & ARES § Safety: Safety Officer, Lightning, Heat, Resources!
EMA FD History 1999-2016 § About (Notes, Credits)

Town of Ipswich Emergency Management @ Ipswich Emergency Management. Likely? Middleton EMA RACES @ Richardsons Dairy Ice Cream. Confirmed! new. ice cream North Shore RA @ Endicott Park Danvers. Confirmed! VE 12N Sat. Pentucket RA @ Philips Medical. Confirmed! (Shared site) Genesis ARS @ Plymouth Municipal Airport, Gate 2. Confirmed! VE 9am Sat Police Amateur Radio Team of Westford @ The Concord Rod & Gun Club. Confirmed! Waltham ARA @ Prospect Hill Park Waltham. Confirmed! return to home Watatic's #1 Mountain Jesters @ Great Blue Hill Eliot Tower. Confirmed! New Algonquin ARC @ Marlboro EOC/CFS. Confirmed! Class F Norwood ARC @ Mansfield Airport BLDG A. Confirmed! 2F/3F. Access? MIT Radio Society @ Stratton Student Center, MIT. Confirmed! Southeastern Mass ARA @ New Bedford Rod & Gun Club. Likely? new. missed 2013 Boston ARC @ Bare Cove Fire Museum. Confirmed! Sturdy Memorial Hospital ARC @ No.Attleboro WWI Mem.Pk off US 1. Confirmed! Cape Ann ARA @ Fuller School Field. Confirmed! VEexam Sun10 Whitman ARC @ Old Colony YMCA East Bridgewater. Confirmed! Framingham Amateur Radio Assn @ Upton State Forest. Confirmed! 11-6 Sat only South Shore Simplexers @ USAF Fourth Cliff. Confirmed! Wellesley ARS @ Needham War Memorial Park Gazebo. Confirmed! Nashoba Valley ARC @ Heald Street Orchard; Pepperell Conservation land. Confirmed! Clay Center Amateur Radio Club @ Clay Center Observatory at Dexter-Southfield School. Confirmed! Billerica ARS+PARC @ NK1A. Confirmed! New site + Return Falmouth FARA Inc @ Barnstable County Fair Grounds. Confirmed! Mystic Valley Amateur Group @ Milton Town Green. Confirmed! Mansfield Emergency Mgt / RACES @ Mansfield Emergency Mgt. Confirmed! 1F Public n1op MAYNARD RACES @ MAYNARD Town EOC at Police Station. Likely? Class F short ? Barnstable ARC+Ptown @ Camp Greenough (BSA) in Yarmouthport. Confirmed! Sunday Breakfast Nantucket Amateur Radio Association @ Brant Point Lighthouse USCG North Lawn. Likely? Billerica Emergency Management / RACES @ Billerica EOC. Confirmed! Class F. Access? BOX DEC/SW watatic Site i EOC K1PQ Site n1bda DEC CAR EOC/OtherSection K1PV Site iii EOC W1MOO Site eCTara Site W1QI Site N1EG EOC K1BCI EOC k1ki DIR ac1l Site k9hi SM WA1ARC EOC provbt Site w3eve DEC CMara Site jfhq EOC W1LAS EOC OKX EOC/OtherSection WA1WA Site GYX EOC/OtherSection ENX EOC/OtherSection W1FZ Site CRINAS Site newpcty Site W1ORS Site N1VT Site wb1bre AD GrBay Site iv EOC ii EOC W1SK Site WE1CT EOC/OtherSection Henniker Site W1NVT Site OSARG Site kb1req ASM W1BD Site kb1ncg DEC W1NRG Site wa1qym ACC W1EE Site ka1ncf DEC wa1ida PIC W1KVI Site BVARC Site N1EV Site W1RRC Site N1XG Site kd1cy SEC n1fy DEC qvarc Site W1BST Site W1CWA Site hq EOC N1NH-FD Site w1dan TC CXX EOC/OtherSection K1FS Site W1JY Site nobarc Site WT1B Site WS1SM Site W1OKY Site wc1leo EOC/OtherSection hcra Site W1KOO EOC n1vux ED N1ME Site fidarc Site wq1o DEC W1BRS Site k1twf VD W1BCG EOC kb1ekn DEC W1IM Site PortCty Site N1QS Site W1PBR Site wc1sq EOC W1EDH Site Princeton Site pvarc Site W1FN Site W1TU Site W1LEE Site NA1RC Site