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Our touring officials and staff Tour History maps and narrative are linked from the annual logos. The "Big Map" link will populate the interactive map with just that year's data. Each List link goes to a History table for that year.

FD 1999
1999 big map List

FD 2000 Logo
2000 big map List

FD 2002 Logo
2001 big map List

FD 2002 Logo
2002 big map List

Field Day Annual Logo
2003 big map List

2004 big map List

2005 big map List

2006 big map List

2007 big map List

2008 big map List

2009 big map List

2010 big map List GPSzip

  2011 History
2011 big map List

  2012 History
2012 big map List

  2013 History
2013 big map List

  2014 History
2014 big map List

  2015 History
2015 Tours unrecorded.
2015 big map List GPSzip KML, CSV.

  2016 History
2016 Tours unrecorded.
2016 big map List KML, CSV.

  2017 History
2017 big map List GPSzip, KML, CSV.

  2018 History
2018 big map List KML, CSV.

  2019 History
2019 big map List KML, CSV, NE Division Staff.

  2020 History
2020 big map List .

  2021 History
2021 big map List GPSzip, KML, CSV.

  2022 History
Touring; 2022 big map List GPSzip, KML, CSV.

  2023 History
2023 big map List GPSzip, KML, CSV.

  2024 History
GPSzip (upd 6/20), KML, CSV.

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